HE Wilson Photography

The Mysteries of Kilmartin Glen : Cairns and Standing Stones

Kilmartin really is a place to get lost in the past. There’s no doubting the significance of this area when you see the row of cairns marching down the glen. And it seemed everywhere I turned, there was either another patch of rock art (see previous post The Mysteries of Kilmartin Glen : Prehistoric Rock Art) or standing stones and henges. I spent four days here, and it wasn’t enough. Such a magical place, with so many questions, and so many layers of history. These are just a few highlights.

Shot in Kilmartin Glen, June 2016

Ri Cruin Cairn
Ballymeanoch standing stones
Ballymeanoch standing stones – origional ogham script or later grafitti?
Temple Wood
Temple Wood
Temple Wood – time it right with the sun and you can see some markings like this spiral on the stones!
Even the seeds in this glen are magical
Nether Largie Cairn
I never identified this single standing stone
Nether Largie Standing Stones
Nether Largie – Some cup markings here, re-purposed stone?
A view down the glen at sunset. You can see the line of cairns starting in the distance



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